Niral Bhavsar

Hello! I currently work as a UI Engineer at a startup in the beautiful city of San Francisco. I am passionate about learning new things and taking on challenges.

I enjoy coding and taking pictures.

Thanks for stopping by!

— @niralbhavsar

My Projects

A great way to learn geometric shapes by identifying it with it's name. (Windows Store)
C# Visual Studio Photoshop
Help Max go through the maze to get to his bananas! (Windows Store)
C# Visual Studio Photoshop
Help Bert the Bunny capture eggs! Bert needs your help to collect all the colorful eggs and try to reach the end! (Windows Store)
C# Visual Studio Photoshop
Windows RGB LED controller using an Arduino
C# Visual Studio Arduino
Online resource for students, faculty and university staff to find more information about exciting and fun sport, fitness, and informal recreation opportunities.
HTML CSS JavaScript

SFSU ResLife Staff Website (Private)

This was a small web application to help me and my colleagues have access to internal resources and training.
Online resource for students (and parents of students) living on-campus.
HTML CSS JavaScript
The Student Life initiative is to engage SF State students in a experience outside tof the classroom. This site assisted students in finding involvement oppournities on campus.
HTML CSS JavaScript
Work with the Director of Student Conduct in building out a site where students and faculties can access conduct resources.
HTML CSS JavaScript
Online resource for students and parents where they learn about the University and its many resources, and meet the campus community.
HTML CSS JavaScript
Worked with various departments of the Dean of Students Units.
Drupal HTML CSS JavaScript
Collaborated with the Student Life Marketing Team to strategize and enhance web and social media engagment with students.
WordPress PHP HTML CSS JavaScript
Created site, and monitored web traffic analytics to restructure web content for easier navigation.
HTML CSS JavaScript
Group project was focuses on user experience. We wanted to take the best things that craigslist/ebay/amazon had to offer and combine those features into one.
PHP MySQL AWS Bootstrap HTML CSS JavaScript Apache Subversion
This web project revamped their exisiting site to adhere to Section 508 and American with Disabilities Act requirements.
HTML CSS JavaScript
Created a web presence for the Indian Student Association at SF State.
Apache HTML CSS JavaScript
This web application allows users to subscribe to TV shows and movies and notifies users for upcoming movies and TV shows releases.
Ruby Ruby on Rails HTML CSS JavaScript

InternBound, Inc. (Beta)

Help develop the backend to support User Profiles, Employer Profiles, and Univeristy Profiles.
Python Django Heroku PostgreSQL HTML CSS JavaScript
Fun side project to solve soduku puzzle exercising a recursive solution. This project uses CSS Grid, and leverages create-react-app. This Web App is tested and deployed through a CI/CD pipeline.
HTML5 CSS3 JavaScript (ES6+) ReactJS Jest